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God’s Goodness And Faithfulness Was My Portion

Back in 2000, I felt a strong pull to go back to school, something that I did NOT want to do because I thought I was not ready. After praying to God for directions, I struggled against the answer after finding out what city to move to and what college major to take. My spiritual duty station, you guessed right, Fayetteville, NC. Upon arriving, I had no other choice but to get to work on my God-given assignment.

Thirty days before completing my degree in Architectural Technology and having a ZERO balance for student loans, God opened a door for employment. He has never failed providing employment for me in the field of study He chose for me.

Fast forward to 2016, armed with a clearer view of my calling, I returned to school to obtain the credentials I needed to assist the Kingdom of God in building. I reenrolled in college to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management but had to take out a student loan to enroll. This required me to commute back and forth to Raleigh, NC three to four times a week. I did this all while completing a 9-hour daily workday. With only one or two quarters left to complete my degree, the Institution closed, and I could not transfer my completed credit hours to another school. Additionally, I did not have access to my transcripts to validate completing those credit hours. I lost money that I had to pay to obtain the transcripts. In addition to that, I had to pay back the $12,000 loan at the rate that the Financial Institute decided upon. Years later after applying for the Loan forgiveness Program, and being told I did not qualify, I began researching for strategies on how to get out of this situation. It seemed as if I were stuck!

I became very frustrated with the process of my purpose, so I stopped school and dismissed ALL thoughts of returning. I got to a point where my prayers changed, and I told God what I felt was not right and what frustrated me. After praying, the payment request did not stop, and the disrespectful collection calls increased, but God still allowed my payment history to be current. God said, He would take care of any payments required for taking the path He chose for me. On September 9, 2021, after coming from an anointed Praise and Worship rehearsal, I received an email that stated my situation viewed by the US Department of Education and it stated that the loan servicer would discharge the loans taken out while attending the Institute! Although it was a lengthy process, God’s Goodness and Faithfulness was my portion. To God be the Glory! This is only part one of this testimony, stay tuned! The best is yet to come!!


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