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GOD is a Present Help in Time of Need

When I think of the goodness of Jesus, and all that HE just brought me through, my soul cries out Hallelujah! I praise GOD for saving me. On Tuesday, August 4th, during the morning, I tripped and fell in my driveway. As I was falling face forward, I did not have time to brace myself. My head hit the pavement extremely hard. As I laid in my driveway, realizing the seriousness of the predicament I was in, I begin to praise GOD. I could have lost my life!

I also praised HIM because I never lost consciousness. It was a very scary situation. I give GOD all the praises for intervening on my behalf! There was no loss of sensation and I felt no pain. As I laid in my driveway, I was praying that one of my neighbors had witnessed the fall. No one was around. But GOD intervened and allowed me to get up and use m cell phone to call for help.

After arriving at the emergency room, I was given something for pain and nausea. The doctor immediately began an IV and drew blood. I felt no pain. I was discharged from the emergency room with a prescription for Tylenol Extra Strength. I have lots of swelling and bruises. But, thanks to the LORD, I have no skull fractures! I am grateful my three children were there to take care of me. To GOD be the glory!

Note from Ministry:

Alean Love is the director of our Healthcare Ministry. She hs always been a notated student of the Word of GOD. We passionately believe that in her day of adversity, that WORD that she holds dear, held her.

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