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God is such an amazing God! He can truly do anything but fail! On March 22, 2021, my 17-year-old daughter attacked me, and by defending myself, I scratched her. After the altercation, she continued to threaten me and tried to take my granddaughter, so I called the police. Once the police arrived, they saw the scratch mark and said that I was being arrested for domestic violence and aggravated assault. They said my daughter also stated to them that I tried to choke her. I had not done that at all. I did not understand what was going on because I was the one that called the police. From 2017 until now, the police have been to my home 16 times because of my daughter’s violence toward my husband and me.

They handcuffed me and put me in the back of the police car. I was so confused! The officer who arrested me said that because my daughter had marks and I did not, I was the aggressor. He took me down to the station where I was held for about 5 hours before being transported to the county jail. I was not afraid, I was not angry, I just felt peace. When the officer’s shift was over, he told the next officer to take care of me. He stated that I had been an absolute doll. Once I arrived at the county jail, I was greeted by a female officer that was sweet to me. I could not understand because I thought all my life that jail was the worse place to be. She did not search me or anything like they would normally do. She just told me to get dressed and put on my jumpsuit (pink is my favorite color). She then gave me a piece of paper and my cell phone and told me to write down any numbers I may need to contact my family. I was then greeted by another amazing officer that told me he had been in law enforcement for 10 years. He told me that the law needed to be changed and he was sorry that this was happening to me. He placed me in a holding room with 4 other girls. There was a phone in there and I could call my family as much as I wanted free of charge (Normally you only get one phone call).

The officer told me I would only be in jail 24 hours just so that I could cool down. I was not angry at all but ok, this is the process, so I’m just going to go with it. While in the cell, I called my spiritual mother. She prayed with me and ensured me that all shall be well. I was not worried one bit. I had peace that only God could give. The peace that surpasses all understanding. The guard came about 7 hours later and escorted us to the pod which is in the back. She gave us our mat and I felt like I was walking the green mile. Once we reached the pod, we were split up. Three women went in one pod and I, along with another lady went into another. The Lord said to me, “Do what she does.” She takes her mat and throws it on the top bunk. I took my mat and did the same thing. All the while there are about 28 women watching me. Yet, I am still not afraid. One lady asked if I was scared and I said, “Not one bit, I am on vacation.” She laughed. I got in what would be my bed and while lying there, the Lord began to speak. He told me I was on an assignment. This gave me even more peace to know that it was God’s doing and that was alright with me. I felt like I was at an oversized sleepover. As I laid in bed, I noticed that one of the ladies had a toothache. She was trying to dig her tooth out with a plastic spoon. The Lord said, now! I was like now what Lord? He said now is the time to do ministry. I quickly built up the courage to ask this stranger if I could pray for her. She was hesitant at first but quickly changed her mind because of the pain. As I was praying, I noticed that she rolled over and before I could finish the prayer, she was out cold!

The next morning, she was talking to the ladies in the pod and told them that the prayer I prayed worked. She said, “That Lady is real! She prayed for me, and I said Lord I believe. Then all my pain went away, and I was out.” Then the girl that was below me in the bunk said, “That woman is real when she was praying for her, I felt peace, and I went to sleep too. I haven’t left her side all morning.” About 2 hours later, one of the ladies came over to me and asked me for prayer. She was crying and stated that the officer had just told her she would be in jail for about a month. I prayed for her and about 20 minutes after the prayer, the guard came back and told her she was being released.

Now, the women are really starting to trust the power of prayer. Another woman who had an 8-month-old child had been in jail for about 2 months. She asked me to pray for her that she would be released. She said that they told her it would be about another 2 months before she would get out. She needed a number, and the courts were behind. I prayed a specific prayer and asked the Lord not many days from hence to let her number appear before the board. The very next morning, we were all awakened at her screaming to the top of her lungs that they had her number, and she was being released. I prayed for several others and God moved in that place delivering them from drugs, family separation, and so on. By this time, I had been in jail for 2 days. Twenty-four hours had turned into 2 days, and I am not understanding. I asked the guard why and she told me I had to go before the judge on Wednesday for my bail hearing. I did not understand why. I was told 24 hours.

The morning of the 3rd day, I went before the judge, and he told me my bail was $200,000! Yes, you read correctly, two hundred thousand dollars! I could not believe it. He said I had a felony offense against a minor with intent to kill. My heart dropped! This meant I would have to pay $20,000 to get out of jail! I did not have that money! I went back to my seat in disbelief. I began talking to my Daddy. I said, “Lord you got to get me out of here. You said you would not put me to an open shame. I know you did not have me pray for others' deliverance out of here and I am stuck.” One of the ladies rubbed my leg and said, “Well at least it was not a million dollars.” I looked at her, smiled, and said, “Yeah you are right.” But deep down I was praying. I told God I do not know how you are going to get me out of here, but I know you are going to do it. The guard took me out into the hallway where there was a chair waiting for me to talk with a public defender. When I spoke with the public defender, he told me he needed me to make bail. I said, “Sir I can’t!” He said, “What do you mean you can’t?” I replied, “I do not have $20,000 to get out of here.” He said, “In the city of Southaven, this is a misdemeanor offense, so your bail is $5,000.” So can you make bail? I said, “Does this mean all I have to do is pay $500?” He replied, “Around about that much.” I said, “Well yes sir. I can.” His reply was, “Well you have a nice day.” I was overjoyed! Look at my great big God!

To make a long story short, God had them dismiss all charges. They do not know who it was that lowered my bail. And because my bail was lowered, my case was brought before the Municipal Court. They do not handle felony cases. God knew just what He was doing. I had videos and statements to prove my innocence. However, I did not have to show anything. God was my lawyer in the courtroom. He told them "Case dismissed!!' When the prosecutor told the judge, he moved to have my case dismissed, the judge said, “I totally agree! Have a nice day Mrs. Cutolo.” Can’t nobody tell me what God cannot or will not do. If He did it for me, I know without a doubt, He can do it for you too!


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