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Exercising With Jesus

On a beautiful fifth Sunday, August 30, 2020, I decided to get in a minimum four-mile walk, shower, and breakfast before the adult Sunday school started at 9:00 a.m. That meant, I had to be out of the house by 5:00 a.m. to accomplish these goals. For almost two decades, I have enjoyed the peaceful walks in my neighborhood. So off I went with my air pods in my ear listening to the music on my iPhone. Normally, nothing besides music is carried on these walks, because of the belief of safety and nothing has ever happened before.

It is customary that each animal that has been seen or met has been very pleasant. Yes, even red foxes just keep on moving! It is amazing! There was no fear because that sense of security has been placed in my mind. Since being in the neighborhood, the dogs sit on the porch, look at you and stay where they are located. Many of them do not even bark at you. You would not even know they were there until they shook themselves, or they ran to you for some love if they have escaped their homes. I often wondered what kind of dogs these were who just let you stroll by without even a bark, growl, or any type of confrontation.

However, on this Sunday, as I completed my climb up the hill, I noticed a camper in one of the yards a few houses down. I figured someone was visiting a friend or family member as I had never seen this camper in the driveway at the house before. But I kept it moving, remembering, there was a goal to be met. As I approached the house, I heard this little barking sound. I turned my head to the left to find out what was making that barking sound. It was one of those cute little Yorkshire Terrier running and barking. It was just as cute as it wanted to be with a bow on its head. There was no threat from this little dog, so I thought. Well, the Yorkshire stopped running and was just barking. However, here comes his counterpart running past him with a serious look and temperament. He looked determined that he needed a snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner and I was the source! This was a well-fed, healthy Rottweiler dog that looked to be about 150-200 pounds. He was running extremely fast, barking, and growling, I immediately stopped in my tracks!

And talk about fear, OH, MY GOD! I knew that dog was going to take me down. All I could think of was that it was early on a Sunday morning and no one was out and about. If I screamed, no one would hear me, and this dog was going to rip me to pieces. This dog was serious. He had determination on his face. As I stood in my tracks without agitating the dog, I had to talk and calm my mind down, stating, “God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind.” Do not get me wrong, that dog made me think of the show Damien: Omen . . . All I could think of was that this was my last day on earth. Of course, my mind was thinking what I could do to minimize the attack. I began to think, if he leaped, I could grab his neck and try with all my might to break it and hold him down. All I had was a cell phone, air pods and a cooling towel around my neck. I was grateful for the towel, because if the dog caught my neck, I would at least have something to try to stop the bleeding. The towel could be used as a compression. Yes, I am always thinking of scenarios to counteract a problem.

After hearing the dog’s commotion, the owner ran out of the camper yelling at the dog to stop and come back. The dog at one point turned and looked at the owner as to say are you talking to me? I see dinner and you are not going to stop me. I was still frozen and did not want to make any moves to edge the dog on or give reason to continue his quest. After what seemed like forever, the dog finally complied. All I could say was, “Thank You JESUS!” I was thanking Jesus for my life. After such an experience, fear and anxiety gripped as I was going home. Again, I stated that God has not given me the spirit of fear . . . Yes, I was shaken up because that could have been my last day on earth or I could have sustained serious bodily injuries.

I continued walking home thinking I was not going to let a dog stop me from my normal exercising. As I continued to walk, I decided I needed some sort of weapon to protect myself just in case a dog attempted to attacked again. My weapon was with me all the time and it was Jesus. I picked up a loose stone that fit perfectly in my hand. It had a pointed edge that could be used to jab the dog’s throat, eyes, or nose, to stop the animal from attacking. As I continued to walk, I looked for something a little heavier. I did find a more suitable weapon. The closer I got to my house, I could feel the anxiety and watchfulness kick in as I became more cautious. Once I reached my house, everything was quiet. But I continued to keep a careful and watchful eye, even when I reached the descent down the hill. I was thanking Jesus for the safety once I got off that road. The Lord knows I was and am incredibly grateful for life, health, and strength. Lord, I just want to thank You! Believe it or not, I have continued to walk past that house during my exercise and of course with caution. But now I carry a little physical support for safety. Do you know that I have not seen that camper or dog since the incident? To God be the glory!


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