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God Can Do the Impossible!


I know God to be a deliverer! I lived a homosexual lifestyle for eleven (11) years. The root of being molested and sexually abused by men in my family, made me want to become invisible! I was ashamed! So, I tried to cover it up. I felt that being the child of a Pastor, I could not tell what was really going on with me. At the age of 11, a woman counselor started molesting me as well. I decided at that point, since God put me on this earth to be used, abused, and mistreated as if I was nothing, I was going to choose my life. I fell in love with my counselor because she showed me the love that I did not get from my mother and the enemy used that.

I plunged right in full force into homosexuality. My self-esteem was so low, I did not love myself and did not even know what love was. I wore baggy clothes to try and hide my body shape. I wanted to gain back my self-control, therefore, I wanted to become a man. Things begin to transpire in my life. I found myself in a 5-year relationship with a woman that I thought would never end. Until one day, I found myself praying to God and told Him that if this is not the lifestyle I should live, You must save me!!

From that moment, God began to step in and show me just how much He loved me. He allowed me to move from my surroundings and put people in my life that labored with me for my deliverance. God took the desire to be with a woman away and he truly set me free! I am going on 9 years free and delivered from homosexuality. I am a testimony that God can and will do anything!

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