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Cancer FREE!

I thank and praise God for giving me wisdom. Since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I have been tested annually. God granted favor and I was able to surprise her at the hospital during her first chemo treatment. The aggressiveness of cancer brought about radiation, a double mastectomy, fluid developing in her lungs, and her death over an eight-year span. Having had a significant impact in my mother’s care, I was well educated on the illness called “Cancer.” After thirteen years, during a normal mammogram in December of 2014, I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. God is so good to me! To reveal to man this determination in Stage 1, when the world observes His birthday increased my faith. Deferring the medical procedure for forty-five days, I executed the unit’s plan to ensure sailors spent well-needed time with family and friends during the holidays. I kept my issue private by not telling my immediate family, my church family, or my sailors. My Pastor could not comprehend my choice to not tell anyone. However, having no support mechanism, she got in the ring with me to fight cancer.

The fight began with consecutive lumpectomy surgeries. I was fixated on Jesus and determined not to let anything come between Him and me. While aiming to lower the danger of the cancer returning, I was sent to the chemotherapy clinic for treatment to be followed by radiation. The spirit of depression was heavy at this clinic. I imagined myself at the pool of Bethesda and Jesus miraculously healing me in this clinic. I started to pray. And minutes later, my Oncologist announced I could skip chemotherapy and go directly to radiation. I began to praise God, murmuring my praise song “Amazing” by Hezekiah Walker.

A week later, I met with Team Radiation to start treatments for six weeks. Radiation was delivered in one radiation treatment daily, five days per week - Monday through Friday. The consequences of this treatment were fatigue and skin irritations that resulted in blistering, that produced unbearable pain. God never left me nor neglected me. God touched the heart of my boss and we made an adjusted work routine. This prevented any possible assignment to limited duty or Medical Retirement. My desire was to finish a thirty-year career. What a mighty God we serve! My day comprised of three hours of work, the radiation clinic, and afterwards driving myself home. This routine went on for six weeks. God held up the side effects of fatigue and pain daily, allowing me to get home safely. The more radiation I took, the more suffering I encountered; yet, the more I waited on the Lord. In the waiting, God refreshed, restored, and showed me how to trust in Him with all my heart. I learned not to lean to my own understand and in all my ways acknowledge Him, and He did direct my way. To God be the glory! God set me free from breast cancer in May 2015! I was permitted to retire from the military in April 2017 healthy. The discomfort of cancer lasted only a moment, but the blessings of having a relationship with God continues today. I can say with uncertainty that Jesus is the best reality that ever happened to me.

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