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Attic Miracle

Wednesday, April 15, 2020, I had a scheduled appointment for my air conditioner unit to be repaired. The service men arrived at 8:00 am. I was sitting in my living room reading my Bible from II Kings 2, about Elijah and Elisha. The scriptures were talking about the miracle that happened through Elisha. The miracle where the Jordan River was divided with the mantle.

The service men proceeded to the attic to fix the unit and I continued studying the word of God. The service men came downstairs and stated, “We have another problem. There is another pipe, which is a gas pipe that has been leaking.” They had no idea how long the pipe had been leaking, but for my safety, they had to turn the gas off. In the meantime, the Lord spoke to my heart. He said if I could divide the waters of the Jordan River for Elisha, I can give you a miracle! And I said, I want an “ATTIC MIRACLE!” I began to praise God for my “Attic Miracle”, while they were still in the attic. The manager was called to come and check the leak. When he arrived, he said, “I’m going to see if I can fix it for you.” I said, “I’m looking for an “Attic Miracle!” He smiled and went back up to the attic.

When he came down, he said he had fixed the problem. I jumped up and began to praise God! As I was praising God, He (God) brought back to my remembrance of how the gas logs were burning day and night, and no danger came to me, nor my home. The service men said, “No extra cost to you!” Oh yes, God will do it! The lesson and blessing are, I do not know how long the gas leak was there, but God encamped the angels to protect me, my attic, and every area of my home! Because I praise and worship God continuously, He did not allow any danger to come near my dwelling. I thank God for my “Attic Miracle!”

Specialized Mechanic

April 14, 2020

Katie Carroll, Fayetteville, NC

I was about a mile away from home after completing my daily walk at the tracks. As I was driving, I noticed the transmission light had come on, along with a ticking sound. I said to myself, “Oh Lord, please, just get me to my yard.” I had to drive extremely slow because I really did not know what was going on under the hood of my car. Praise God, I got home safe. I said, “Thank you Jesus!” I was informed that my motor could have locked! But praise Jesus, it did not! The very next day, which was April 15th, I looked under my hood and discovered the main pipe was loose. And I said again, “Thank you Jesus!” He is a temperature specialist. He is all you need Him to Be!!

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