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God is a Present Help!

God is a present help and He will never forsake us!

I suffer from panic attacks along with asthma. My worst nightmare is to be stuck in an elevator. Well, that devil tried me on Monday, December 23rd, around 5:10 pm at work. The minute I realized I was stuck alone, my heart began racing, pounding or whatever you want to call it. I began to push buttons until I heard a ring. The fire department was called by security for the building. They arrived, got the doors open and realized I was stuck between floors. My heart was still pounding! I had to climb out onto a ladder; on my knees, weight, and all. During the 20 minutes or so I waited, I played music from my phone that I had recorded from our worship service about two weeks prior. I sung to relax myself. I have panic attacks and I did not want to trigger an asthma attack.

Once I got out of the elevator, I returned to my office and began crying. I was so thankful! I had no panic attack; I had no asthma attack. God had covered me in so many areas. I did not scream or shout. My heart was pounding, but no stroke, or no heart attack. Normally with panic attacks, my pressure and heart rate rise. All I can say is “Thank you Lord!”

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