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Evidence of a Good GOD!

A few months ago, my 14-year-old and I drove to the store. We were singing and laughing and suddenly I heard a large crash and realized I was hit. The look of fear on my son’s face was the last thing I remembered! What sounded like a can opener brought me back. The firefighters were using the jaws of life to cut us out of the car. I could hear them asking if they saw any signs of life. I could not open my eyes! I could not even say, “Yes, I’m alive!” As I lay there trying to make a sign or movement to alert them that I was indeed alive, fear gripped me, and I began to panic, wondering if my son was alright. I struggled to open my eyes to see. All I could say was, “Lord please let my son live!” I was not worried about myself, because I came to terms that I have lived my life. I do not know how long it took them to get us out of the car, but it was not until after we arrived at the hospital, that I knew my son had survived.

To God be the Glory! I am grateful that we are survivors of that horrific accident! God is good because we do not have any scratches, or evidence of that horrible accident that could have taken our lives. We are dealing with the trauma of driving, especially when we drive past that specific area. Lord, I just want to say thank you for sparing our lives!! Thank you for another opportunity to give You the glory, honor and praise that is indeed due unto you!

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