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Who Wouldn't Serve A GOD Like This?!

In August of 2018, I started noticing small bumps on my son, Jai’s skin. He was already dealing with eczema, so initially I concluded that he needed to start using the ointment prescribed for that. The ointment wasn't working, and the bumps started spreading up his arms, onto his nose and cheeks. I noticed they were darkening over time; some were forming

in the palms of his hands and on his fingertips. I took him to the urgent care for his football physical and had the doctor look at it. She misdiagnosed him (unbeknownst at the time) and said it was a viral skin condition that had to go away on its own. It did not go away. I took him back to the urgent care and she diagnosed him with something else. He was prescribed a medication and they referred me to his primary care doctor. His doctor misdiagnosed him (unbeknownst again) and started him on a different medication. Over the course of three months, we kept going back and forth to the doctor and no one could pinpoint exactly what was going on and why it wasn't clearing up. On November 12th, the day before his 6th birthday, Jai came home from being with his dad and had a fever of around 102. We made it through the night, and I took him to the doctor the following day. They diagnosed him with the flu virus on November 13th. His doctor also prescribed an ointment for his skin and instructed, “If it does not clear up, go to the emergency room.” A week later his skin kept getting worse. I took him to the emergency room on November 20th. The doctor in the emergency room gave us a diagnosis, medication and sent us home. The night of November 23rd, his fever spiked to 104. I rushed him to the emergency room. The ER doctors did not know why his fever would not stay under control. They admitted him to the hospital around 2 am on Saturday, November 24th.

Jai remained at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center from November 24th - to December 1st. During that time frame, he was misdiagnosed 10 times and given anywhere from 5-7 different medications to treat the misdiagnoses. On December 1st, he was transferred to Duke University Hospital. More testing began and while there, he was seen by 10 different specialists. They took his blood every day for 13 days (since admission to Cape Fear), sometimes twice a day. He underwent a skin biopsy on three different sites of his body. They did echocardiograms and ultrasounds of his internal organs. They thought his liver was obstructed due to swelling, but that test came back negative and only showed stool. His hemoglobin levels began to drop, and the doctors informed that a blood transfusion would be needed. I did not want that, so I prayed and asked others to pray. His hemoglobin levels increased within an hour. The doctors heard a heart murmur when examining him. The echocardiogram was done and came back clear. As the specialists dropped off one by one, they concluded that they suspected Lupus. This was because of a very minor positive blood test result. The doctors said it was so minor, that they would not be able to give me a final diagnosis, until further testing was done. They released us from the hospital on December 8th, with a steroid prescription, due to his overactive immune system.

In January 2019, the rheumatologist finalized his diagnosis as a minor positive for Lupus. All of my son's organ functions were returning to normal, including his skin. Because his internal organs were increasing in function, they diagnosed him with Discoid Lupus (a skin disease) rather than systemic. They started him on medication, and I noticed the decline in his skin condition. Redness and rash and scabbing returned. It was worse than it had ever been. I went to the doctor about it and he concluded that it was because his body did not have the right medication adjustment, so they increased his medication. I decided to listen to the doctor, reluctantly, while still taking matters into my own hands. I detoxed his body weekly with a recommendation from a church member, along with prayer and fasting. I noticed his skin clearing up. We traveled back and forth to the doctor for the next 10 months. Sometimes no changes. Sometimes they found something else to test. Sometimes they had good news. Other times not so good. The experience was rocky. However, the longer we went the better the news became.

On October 11, 2019, I took my son to his monthly follow-up at Duke. The doctor walked into the office and began going over the test results, as he normally did. I began asking my questions as I normally do. We started to talk about his steroid taper and how good the progress had been. The doctor then went on to say, “I like to follow my patients for at least two years, before releasing them on an as need basis.” I asked the doctor what he meant, and he said, “I predict your son will be able to taper off all his medication within a years' time.” I said, with a puzzled, nervous, trying to keep it under control look, what do you mean? The doctor said, “There is no longer any sign of lupus in his bloodwork. All his internal organs are functioning at 100% and better than expected. All his blood levels have returned to completely normal. Blood counts are good. Urine is clear. Kidneys are functioning properly. Liver is not enlarged. Heart valves are not swollen. His skin has returned-to normal. And, even his pigmentation discoloration-is not as noticeable as it once was. His skin tones are beginning to even back out. Nothing inside or outside of his body indicates that lupus is still present."

He is an awesome, mighty, powerful, amazing, unexplainably good, MIRACLE WORKING GOD! I cannot put into words how I feel. The only way I can express it is through praise and worship. I am sooooooo grateful! I don't know how He did it. I don't know why He did it. All I know, is that HE DID IT! Who wouldn't serve a God like this?! Who couldn't believe that He is real?! Nothing and no one can ever take this miracle away from my family and me. I will continuously praise Him like He JUST did it yesterday!

Lord, I just want to say THANK YOU!

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