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Commanding My Angels!

On September 26, 2019, I got home from work tired, but happy. After my husband came in from his job, I told him we needed to run an errand. He changed his clothing and I began to gather my things. I reached in my pocket for some money - $40, two twenty-dollar bills that had been there all day. However, the $40 wasn’t there! I began to think, maybe I put it in my purse. I searched for the money, no $40. I looked on my dresser and nightstand, no $40. I initially stated to my husband, “I lost $40!” Then, the Holy Ghost quickened me to go back and look for the money. I said to my husband, “I think when I left my desk at work, I put the keys in my pocket. And, when I got outside, I pulled the keys out and I probably pulled the $40 and didn’t see it come out.

It had been an hour and a half since I left work. My employment is in a building located between two temporary duty barracks where there is lots of traffic. I said to my husband that I wanted to go back and look for the money. On the way, I called a girl that I knew was still there, no answer, three times I called; no answer. I prayed and commanded my angels to cover the money and keep it there.

I got to my building, initially no money. As I walked to where my truck was parked, there under a big black truck was a $20 bill and a couple of feet away another $20.

A big Thank you to GOD, for my angels!

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