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Prayer & a Healing WORD!

The following is a testament to God’s Greatness in my life… once again!

I am due to go see my Cardiologist annually for an echo-cardiogram. I did not go in 2017, however, with small health problems popping up, I made an appointment. This year, I went for my annual echo-cardiogram and my Cardiologist called me and said, “I need you to come back in and see me.” I went to my follow-up and he said, “Your results are not normal, have you been lightheaded?” I said, “Yes Sir, and my ankles have been very swollen (another sign of heart issues).” He said, “You have moderate regurgitation and leaking going on in your heart valves. There are also only 2 flaps over the valve and there should be four flaps. With all that being said, I will have to do surgery. Before I do surgery, I need you to get an MRI so I can see how much repair my surgery team will have to do.” I said, “Wow, I was not expecting this today, but okay.” I know I have a history of heart issues on my father’s side of the family. This unexpected news alarmed me a bit. I called back home for my prayer reinforcements!

I went to Bible Study on June 6, and our Bishop had been teaching a weekly series on the Holy Spirit. However, on this night when he got up to teach he said, “I know I am supposed to be teaching on the Holy Spirit tonight, but God said, tonight is a night of healing.” I said to myself, well amen. It did not matter to me what he taught on, I always enjoy listening to him teach. Anyway, he taught a powerful message, and did an altar call. The anointing was so powerful in the room that night. He said, “I don’t know who in here needs a miracle, but you better get up here quick!” I quickly went up for prayer, along with a handful of other people. It was not a lot of us that went up. He walked by and laid hands on each of us. A prayer team member stepped up to pray with me. She then said, “He sent forth His Word, and Healed them; be Healed my Sister.” So after that prayer and that word, I walked back to my seat, not feeling any different, just glad to have received prayer. After the receiving of the offering, the Bishop got up and said, “I don’t know who this is for tonight, I’m trying to get out of here, but God said, someone is about to get a new heart!” I immediately went up in an unknown tongue in the spirit and was out for an unknown amount of time. When I came to myself, I knew in that moment, I was healed. I just needed confirmation.

My MRI appointment was not until June 28th, therefore, I had to wait 3 weeks to find out what would be next. I went to that appointment and it was the longest session ever! I said, “Y’all better get alllllll the test you need because I can’t do that machine again.” Well, a couple of days passed, my doctor called me several times telling me to call him back as soon as I received his message. We played phone tag and I eventually was able to get in touch with him. He said, “I need for you to repeat the MRI, because where we saw 2 flaps over your artery, it is now 3.5 flaps, and mild leaking. I need for you to repeat that because something is not correct."

I was not happy that I had to repeat that test, but surprised that 1.5 extra flap had grew over the valve, and the leaking went from moderate to mild. I knew that God was up to something, and I kept hearing the Word, “Somebody is about to get a new heart!”

I went back on July 19th for the 2nd (extra) MRI, and this time the test did not last as long. Well, the next phone call I got was from my Cardiologist saying that the Director of Imaging needed me to come back for a 3rd MRI, because they wanted to be very sure they were seeing what they were seeing. They retested me for the 3rd time on July 28th.

On July 31st, my cardiologist called me with the 3rd MRI test results. He said, “You have 4 full leaflets and no leaking… I can’t explain this but we will not have to do surgery on you, so just follow-up in one year.” I said, “Well, give me a minute to explain. Sir, this is the result of prayer and the healing power of Jesus Christ in my life.” He said, “It has to be a miracle.” My response, “Yes Sir it is!” He said, “Well, see you next year.”

I have a new heart! That’s the God I serve!

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