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Trouble Isn't Always Trouble

Mary’s acknowledgement:

As a young child growing up in church, I used to hear the elderly saints thanking God for His protection from seen and unseen dangers. That didn't mean as much to me back then, but now in my adult years, I understand and have a greater appreciation of His protection and mercy from seen and unseen dangers. This appreciation is now also felt by my youngest daughter who experienced God’s protection from an unseen danger. Here is her testimony.

Tanya’s Testimony:

As the seasons began to change a few weeks ago, I thought about the upcoming high fuel bills and decided on a plan to save money by taking advantage of the cool days and nights. I determined to go through the month of October without using my HVAC system and perhaps, as a result, have a lower utility bill. However, because of the unexpected frigid nights in the Triad area, as well as having young children in the home, I decided to turn the heat on.

I was unable to detect whether the HVAC unit was working properly until one morning when I noticed it was still cold in my home. The thermometer did not move, so this prompted me to call my home warranty provider. I was not able to get an appointment until eight days later.

In the meantime, the cold nights continued, and I had another person to look at my system. At last the unit was fixed, and my intentions were to call my home warranty provider to cancel my appointment, but I never did. At some point during that night, my working unit shut off and we were cold again. The other person couldn't fix the problem, so we were forced to wait on the home warranty provider.

Several days later the home warranty provider came and fixed the heat. Although the heat was once again working, the serviceman wanted to take a closer look to make sure that that was the only issue with my system. What should have been a quick look turned into an hour.

I went outside to make sure everything was fine, but the look on the serviceman's face let me know he did not have good news. My HVAC systems had to be condemned because there was a hole in the pipe and the system was shutting itself down. If the system had continued to work that night and NOT shut down, carbon monoxide would have leaked into my entire house killing everyone inside as we slept.

The serviceman thought he was delivering bad news to me because of the cost of getting new systems, but I was busy celebrating because I am alive along with my sister, my niece and my two children. A HEATING/AIR UNIT CAN BE REPLACED, BUT FIVE LIVES CANNOT!!!

Mary’s Praise Report:

When I heard this testimony of God’s protection over my children and grandchildren, I immediately went into a praise of thanksgiving as I remembered our twenty-one days prayer focus for our children and protection. The newspaper headlines on October 31st could have read: "Single mother loses her two adult daughters and three grandchildren to Carbon Monoxide," but, instead, I am rejoicing and singing, “I give you praise (hey!) I give you glory (hey!) BECAUSE THE ENEMY DID NOT TRIUMPH!!!”

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