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God’s Authentic Love

Being a Christian, I understand the importance of having a spiritual covering and being in a church that believes in the miracle working power of God. I continuously make sure that my children understand the importance of the family being covered by leadership.

My children are heavily involved in sports and travel out of town very often. Because my sons are very athletic and show potential to be assets to college teams, scouts have been visiting their games to observe Quewon and Queonte as they play for their football teams. Scouts from such top schools as Duke, ECU, NC State, Virginia, and etc., have come to observe them play.

Quewon will be a senior next year and has been doing some preparation towards that. He is accustomed to being examined by his physician, therefore, when his school had a new physician come in, he had a panic attack. We always had his physicals done at our own doctor’s office. However, the new doctor would not clear Quewon to play for the team. Not only was Quewon upset about this, but his coaches were upset also. The problem was that Quewon was born with a heart murmur and the new physician examining him said that the murmur was sooo loud that there was no way he should be on the field ever. Of course, everyone was upset. Quewon had worked so hard to get to this point. He would be team captain for the football team this year, and their championship would be on the line. He knew that scouts would be coming to his games on a more consistent basis.

We regrouped, prayed, and talked with his regular doctor. The last thing I would want, would be to push him to play and he drop dead on the field. Football is important, but it is not that great, to give up your life. His doctors were saying that they didn’t see the issue because it was just a murmur. They were sure that he was healthy and fine, so they cleared him to play. Nevertheless, we could tell by the reaction of the coach that he was still concerned that Quewon’s heart murmur might be a problem. Colleges looking to recruit him might have issues with the heart murmur and consider it a deal breaker. It would not matter how talented he is or how good his grades are. We scheduled an appointment for Quewon with another physician to have the murmur rechecked. In the meantime, my family prayed, the saints at our church prayed, and the coaching staff, those that believed in prayer, prayed also.

When we took Quewon to his re-check appointment, one particular physician took her time talking to each one of my children about life, decisions and God. I was very impressed with her. She examined each of the children and finally, she got to Quewon to examine him. After a few minutes, she rolled back in her seat and asked what was he being seen for. She grabbed his chart to read the notes because she was confused. I let her read first because the kids and I were just looking at each other like “we know she’s playing.” She rolled back up to him and looked at me and said, “Mom, you are concerned about a heart murmur?” While she was making a face, I said “yes, ma’am” and proceeded to tell her the whole football story. She responded and asked, “What heart murmur?”

Quewon immediately dropped his head and I could see that he was getting emotional. I rose up and said he was born with it and has had to be cleared every single year to play football. She replied, “I am a great doctor and I know my stuff but I will check again.” She listened for another 5-10 minutes and, again repeated, “What heart murmur?” It took everything in me not to turn that whole office into Bethel Christian Assembly (BCA). However, just to shut the doctors’ mouth, she ordered an echocardiogram and said that would be a picture/ultrasound visual proof as well. Hence, by the end of the week we went to the lab and had that test done.

The doctor called me and said, “Mrs. Hillard, “WHAT HEART MURMUR? IT IS COMLETELY CLOSED!” I went and signed a consent form for the school to have a copy of the results. I took the report to the school and the coach and his wife began to praise God right there. The coach is screaming, “God is the greatest!” I just wanted you to know what God has been up to over here again. He is amazing, even when we don’t feel as if we deserve it. However, He is so faithful to my family and me. And, “Lord, I Just Want To Thank You!”

I am grateful!

Submitted by Adrian Hilliard

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