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The Assignment

On Friday April 20, 2018, our family was returning from Montgomery Alabama from a TDY trip, one that only God himself could have orchestrated. First and foremost, the fact that my spouse and I had an opportunity to go and be with the Air Force top four star generals and other Air Force dignitaries was nothing short of favor! We were blessed to do speaking engagements for the Air Force's newest Commanders and their spouses, a blessing all around. And from that visit, doors have been set open for us for future opportunities!

Before we left Montgomery, we stopped by our mentor's home and had a great hour of fellowship and prayer! Not knowing that a couple of hours later, we would be needing that prayer. I was asleep in the car from Montgomery and woke up right before getting into Baldwin County (Mobile City Limits, AL). As soon as I woke up, I saw a wreck. I asked my husband to pull over because I saw two ladies and a baby down in the median of the highway. I jumped out the car, ran back to the car, and told our children to start praying immediately! We were one of the first on the scene and I could tell it was a pretty bad accident. I called 911 as I was running to assist the women. Two other ladies ran up and said they were nurses. I told one to attend to the mother that was laid out with her body convulsing. I gave the baby to the other nurse while I was trying to assess the daughter's injuries. The baby was bleeding profusely from the back of his head. Because the daughter was screaming so much, the 911 Operator could hardly hear me. I got the daughter to quiet down enough for me to give instructions to the 911 operator, and then she got to screaming again. I told the 911 operator that I had to hang up to attend to them because they all were badly injured. In that moment, I said to the mother, “Hold the baby because we are about to pray.” She stopped screaming and started praying. The baby was crying and bleeding from the back of his head. Nevertheless, there is something about prayer! I kept praying and pleading the blood of Jesus over the victims of the accident. Before I knew it, there were multiple people surrounding and touching me from behind, praying and pleading the Blood of Jesus. I don't know how long we prayed, but I do know the atmosphere shifted at the scene! The daughter quit screaming and the spirit of peace and healing took over in that very moment. The first responders arrived to take the mom, daughter and baby to the hospital. The EMS asked, “Where did all the blood come from?” I said, "The back of the baby's head." He appeared confused and when I looked at the back of the baby’s head, the hole from where he was profusely bleeding was closed... he had stopped bleeding!! Miracle!

As I was getting out of the way and going to the car, an elderly man from Atlanta grabbed my hand and said, “Ma'am, that was powerful!” In all my excitement at what I had just witnessed, I said, "Sir, are you or were you hurt?" He said, “No ma'am, I just stopped to help, and I was praying along with you.” He went on to say, “I am a sinner, will you please pray for me?” I wanted to fall on my knees to worship The Father, but I stood and I prayed for him and witnessed to him. His daughter was so grateful that she was able to witness that opportunity. I told them that I couldn’t stay any longer, we have to get back on the highway. Before I left, I reminded him that the same Jesus that died on the cross for me is also the same Jesus that died for him. He said he felt so free and was grateful that I took the time to pray for him. I haven't seen anything like this encounter in a long time. I am believing God that everything is going to be alright for that Mom that was thrown from the car, the daughter and the baby.

They were all conscious when I left the scene. I'm believing that not only total healing will take place, but that salvation had taken place and that Victory is already won! Prayer is the one constant thing in my life that has gotten me through the good, the bad and the very bad! However, to see the manifestation of miracles makes it that much more important to have a consistent prayer life. I believe the scripture (John 14:12) that says, "Greater works than these, shall we do!" I hold fast to that, never knowing when our GREATER has arrived. Don't stop believing. He wants to show up when we least expect it. GOD gets all the Glory!

Submitted by Shancii Brown

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