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Mind Over Matter

An incident was recently shared with me by one of the members of the church. I was so blessed by what was said that I wanted others to be inspired as well.

The Account:

My mom is 91 years old, and she still lives alone. However, she is visited every day, throughout the day, by her children and grandchildren. She has been a committed Christian over 70 years and has a strict morning routine. She gets up every morning about 6 o'clock, goes and kneels in front of her recliner and prays. She then continues with the reading of her favorite passage of scripture, Psalm 91 and her other devotions. Lastly, she studies her Sunday School Lesson (she still teaches the adult class).

Recently, my mom fell outside in her flower garden. She did not have her alert necklace or cell phone, which we have provided for her safety and security. She could not get up. Thankfully, her grandson was visiting and went outside to check on her. When I spoke to her, I expressed the importance of wearing her alert necklace inside and outside the house. She acknowledged that I was right and she was going to make sure she wore it. She then shared that she had also fallen inside in the kitchen. She stated that she could not get up and there was nothing close for her to grab. She said, “The thought came to me to crawl to my bedroom (not far away). I knew if I could get to my recliner, that's my prayer closet, I could grab hold and pull myself up." I laughed and said "Mom, that is powerful!”

Submitted by Evelyn McCray

Final Thoughts:

There is such a renewal of spirit to hear that the longevity of faith, hope and trust yet remains. In her old age, she still imparts to others that which she believes and has stood on for 70 years! Mom had the assurance that everything would be alright when she reached her prayer closet (her recliner). Do you have a daily prayer closet? If not, it is not too late to get one.

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