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??? Driving Forward in Reverse

Safety is No Accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has determined that by following proven measures, many accidents are avoidable. However, when the rules are compromised, like most others, then attempting to drive in the reverse gear is one of the most dangerous driving maneuvers new and experienced drivers can make. The Reverse gear is designed in an array of products to go backwards. What is the benefit of going backwards – only to change a possible undesired result.

Driving in reverse is not a standard for gaining territory. In driving, the reverse gear is used for specific purposes, such as: parallel parking, backing in or out of a parking space. What makes driving in reverse demanding is the driver must position his body from looking straight ahead through the front windshield, to looking through the rear or side windows. This technique usually means taking one hand off the steering wheel and draping it over the passenger seat to look backwards. Or, constant head and eye movement.

It is important to remember that when backing up, one should slowly accelerate because the front of the vehicle will swing out. This adds a second problem which is, one must consistently turn their head from viewing the rear window to facing forward to observe traffic coming in their direction. This turning from front to back can be extremely dangerous. It is advised to try avoiding backing up, if possible. One might want to consider making a legal U-turn, or driving around the block to come back to what they are looking for. Keep in mind, backing up on an interstate or rural highway is against the law. It's always best to go to the next exit and come back.

To shun distractions when driving forward or backing up means remaining focused or not talking on a cell phone and never texting. One needs to keep engaged when driving, exclusively in a reverse maneuver. Remember when driving in reverse at night, there are added visibility problems. When driving in reverse, the traffic behind only sees back up and brake lights, which are not as bright as headlights. Before backing, make sure to check for any unseen objects in the way. It is always best to try and avoid driving in reverse because it is a dangerous maneuver; however, if one takes their time and follows the recommendations, they can do it successfully escaping a crash.

Driving in reverse is only one segment of the rules of the road. Anytime there is negligence in following proven techniques, disaster is bound to happen. Disobedience is comparable to driving in a reverse gear, backing up. Examples: You just skipped a red traffic light and crashed into the side of a bus at 50 mph, bleeding to death, and thinking: "The light was red, I should have just stopped..." You have just overtaken another vehicle over a solid line on a blind rise. The car innocently coming towards you with a family of 4, on their way to the ocean for their annual holiday, will all be killed by your disregard for the traffic laws. You go around a bend on a road with a 35 mph speed limit, but you are driving at 56 mph. As your car starts an uncontrollable skid towards the tree that will stop and kill you, you wonder: "Maybe the road speed limit is there for a reason." You drive at 45 mph past the school which has a clear and repeated speed limit of 25 mph, when a child runs over the pedestrian crossing towards her mom on the other side waiting for her. You are not going to stop in time... Get the point?

Lesson: There is no getting around having to drive in reverse, it is a MUST. The teaching and preaching of the Word of God can be compared to using the reverse gear in maneuvering one’s life. Yes, there are times when one will need to back up, make a U-turn, or go to the next exit. Self (the flesh) has many believing they are driving forward, yet in so many cases, they are in the reverse gear. One can NEVER gain positive territory consistently moving backwards. However, as with following the rules of the road, one can use them in directing their lives. There comes a time when one has to realize that there is a need to stop (pause and think), put their thoughts in reverse (look deep within at the conception) and then re-align with the Word of God. Matthew 18:15 says, “And if thy brother sin against thee, go, show him his fault between thee and him alone: if he hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.” In like manner, Matthew 5:23 says, “Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.”

Our lives depend on making and keeping it right. No question about it, there will be no positive movement forward until the reverse gear (repentance) is used. It is a matter of following the rules. And, as Christians, the final expectation of the destination is the reward of a glorious heavenly inheritance.

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