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Evidence The Word Works

Excitement was in the air! There was nothing blue about this Monday. We were getting ready to go to a gathering with food and activities – and whatever it took to get there, we were doing it. This was the song of children quickly doing their chores so that the fun could get started. “Mom, we are almost finished with these windows, what’s next?” I said, “Stay focused and when we get everything done, the rest of the day is yours.” I had a schedule and because we were many, I knew the assignments wouldn’t take long. I had determined that we were not going anywhere until the dust and grime were gone.

It was May 28, 2001, Memorial Day, and we, along with other families were invited to the McCray’s home for a cookout and other activities. But the house needed some desperate hands-on attention and we were in the midst of some serious cleaning. Gabriel, Michael and Charity were busy helping me get the majors of the house cleaned. Joshua did the light errands and kept us with the needed supplies. As I was in the bathroom singing and just a wiping away; the aroma of clorox and pine sol floated outdoors through the opened windows.

Dad was outside in his shed building wooden flower pots, which was one of his favorite hobbies. Occasionally, we would hear the saw and hammer, he was diligently at it. I would take a quick break and go outside to keep him abreast as to the time and our progress inside. After several visits outside and back to my chores, he appeared in the bathroom doorway holding a cloth around his hand. Not wanting to alarm me, he gently said, “I need you to take me to the hospital.” I chuckled and said, “You want to go to the hospital and for what?” He responded, “I have cut my finger and it needs some attention.” I asked to look at it and he replied, “You do not want to see this, my thumb is hanging, and it’s almost off.” He asked me to get a red towel and come quickly, because the bleeding was getting worse. I told him that I needed to change clothes because I was filthy. He said, “We don’t have that kind of time to spare; I feel a little faint-so let’s go.” Realizing the desperation of the moment, I got weak in the legs and could hardly take a step.

Finally, gathering the strength to move, I informed Gabriel as to what was happening and instructed him to make a few calls. Pastor and I got in the car, I turned on the caution lights and I put the pedal to the metal. He pressed me a couple of times to drive faster, I knew then that he really was in a state of distress. We got to the emergency room, he exited the car and I proceeded to park. By the time I returned, the nurse had seen the condition of his finger. She stated that he would need surgery, and no doubt he would lose that finger. She said, “Because it is a holiday, there are no surgeons here; they are all on the golf course.” She went on to say that they would get him comfortable and get a PA to look after him.” Pastor looked her directly in the eyes and said, “I will not lose my finger and a surgeon will be here to see about me.” She said, “It is going to be impossible to get a surgeon in here today, but we will try.”

I called Sister McCray and informed her of the situation. She said that Elder McCray had worked the night shift and would be getting off shortly. She called and informed him that we were at the hospital. After he clocked out, he came directly to our location. I sat praying and talking to keep Pastor’s mind off the pain as much as possible. Elder McCray asked to see his finger and I turned my head – I didn’t want to see it. He commented, “Oh Pastor, this is not good. This finger will have to come off because you cut through the bone.” He looked at Elder McCray and repeated the same thing he said to the nurse. Was Elder McCray being negative? Not at all! He worked in the hospital and knew the extent of this condition. Pastor said to us, “I came in with my finger and I am leaving with it.” We both said, “I agree with you.”

Elder McCray went and clocked back in and said that he was going to ask if he could assist with Pastor’s care – they allowed him to. Since Elder McCray was there, I decided that this was a good time to go home, take a shower and look presentable. As I stepped into the house, the telephone rang; it was the nurse. She informed me that a doctor was coming off the golf course to remove pastor’s finger. She went on to say, “Your husband would like his own clothes and toiletries, please bring some with you.” I quickly maneuvered and returned back to the hospital. The doctor and I walked in at the same time. Taking a look at the finger, the doctor said, “We need to go into surgery now. You will lose that finger because of the way you cut it; there is no way to save it.” Pastor looked directly into the eyes of the doctor and said, “I came in with my finger and I will not leave without it.” The doctor sarcastically said, “I understand but you will not leave with this finger on your hand.”

Pastor was quickly prepared for surgery and made his decree as to his expected outcome. After the surgery, the doctor came out and said to me that he did not think that the finger could be saved. For one, a lot of time had elapsed and the finger was detached for too long. Also, the angle in which the saw went through the bone caused some of it to be chipped away, and the finger was only hanging on by skin. However, when he started the surgery, he saw a way to attach the finger back on. Pastor spent the night in the hospital and was well taken care of.

The next morning the doctor came in and spoke with amazement how everything played out. He commented that Pastor was adamant about not losing his finger and he didn’t. Out of all the surgeries he had done, this was a first for him.

When you become one with the Word of God, trusts what it says and habitually use the law of confession, you shall have what you say.

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