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His Mysterious Ways

It was a Saturday morning in early June of 2011, and our expecting daughter, Charity, went into serious complications. She was taken to Cape Fear Valley hospital and after examination, she had to be air lifted to Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC. As the parents, we had much concern, but our comfort was in the fact that God had already spoken before this event occurred.

While traveling, we prayed in the spirit and declared that the glory of the Lord would surround her. We made the contacts that would connect hearts in prayer – and that it did. The doctors monitoring our daughter’s state gave us their gloomy diagnosis. However, we walked into the hospital trusting that God’s perfect will was in place. The people of God were summoned and they were lifting their voices in prayer and praise. And, we heard later that there was prayer going on in various parts of the United States on our behalf.

As time passed, changes started to transpire. At the onset, hospital staff were getting the operating room ready for a potential delivery. The doctors at Cape Fear Valley said the best place for Charity to be was at Duke Hospital, since they specialized in seemingly impossible situations. As the day progressed, the diagnosis started getting better. The doctors decided that there would not be a delivery that day, she would be watched closely. We were told that Charity would be staying in the hospital until the delivery – expected time would be in September. I, as the mother, settled on the fact that I too would be boarding at Duke Hospital. As word traveled as to what was happening, the calls and visits were steady. Everyone that came to the hospital, walked through the door speaking nothing but what the Word of God had to say about the situation at hand.

Each day Charity’s condition stabilized and the doctors said, “She is out of danger and everything is looking good.” After a week at Duke, one evening before bed, a team of doctors came in and said, “Charity, you still have to stay although you are doing well, it is for your good. As the baby grows, risks occur and we want to stay on top of the situation.” Charity and I had made ourselves content and were trusting God for the best. The very next morning, a doctor walked into the room and said, “Charity, you will be dismissed today to go home.” We questioned him because of what the team of doctors said the previous evening before. But, he was unmoved by our questioning and discharged her. We both were alright with this because she was doing well; I was tired of the couch anyway and wanted my bed. I called her father and told him that we needed to be picked up. He had just left the night before and asked if we were sure. Both of us readily said, “Come and get us.”

While on the way home, I received a phone call from one of the saints that was in despair because of a school situation. She thought she had met all the conditions required for graduation. However, she was told that she would not be graduating because she had not satisfied the curriculum requirements. She was crying and saying that she needed assistance in this matter and a meeting was scheduled with administration at 3:00 pm. I was extremely tired and ready for a hot shower and the bed. I kept trying to say no and she kept crying and saying, “This is not fair. I do not deserve this. Why is this happening to me?” The more she cried, the more unhappy I became, but then Father God began to speak and give me instructions. I was re-routed 40 miles off of my intended route. She and I met in a little small town and made that quick trip back to the Raleigh-Durham area to meet with administration. God spoke profoundly as to every word to say, every action to take and not to be moved. We followed His directions and the administration said, “She doesn’t qualify for graduation and needs to go a little further and graduate later.” We left saying that we would wait to hear from them. Shortly, after I got home from the meeting with the young lady, Charity’s primary doctor called from Duke inquiring as to why had she left the hospital. We told him that she was discharged by one of their doctors. Yet, he requested that she return to Duke University Hospital immediately. We opted out and told him that we were tired; however, if things changed during the night, we would return the next day – we never had to. Early the next morning, I received a call from the young lady. She was ecstatic because she received a call stating that the administration decided to forfeit any further studies and would allow her to graduate. Jared was born a few weeks later on June 27, 2011, at Cape Fear Valley Hospital and God took very good care of Charity and him.

Points of Interest: As long as Charity’s condition was unstable, I was determined to be at the hospital. Therefore, I would have never gone to the school to meet with administration concerning the young lady’s graduation dilemma. The same day that Charity was unexpectedly discharged was the last day to confront the administration concerning graduation. The young lady was told that she had requested a meeting that was usually impossible because of the deadlines involved. When the primary doctor from Duke called back about Charity’s discharge, he said they were not able to find the doctor described who signed the orders. By divine intervention, Charity had to be dismissed, so that I could be intercepted and re-routed to assist in a graduation that was due to happen. When God is in it, there is bound to be a win-win conclusion.

To God be the Glory!

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