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"A Universal Distraction"

Classes of Service


Customers in the main cabin can enjoy approving non-alcoholic beverages on all flights, and all other services, such as Private Screening and Wi-Fi access have an extra cost.

Budget Above

The seats provide added leg room for more space to work or relax during the flight. This section is located near the front of Budget; hence you will be one of the first to exit at your destination.


The area in the cabin gives extra comfort and service, with more spacious seating, multiple meals on flights more than two hours, and approving alcoholic beverages. In addition, a checked baggage allowance and primary admission travel services add convenience right from the start of the trip.


The cabin area offers more comfort and prominent service, with spacious leather seats, multiple dining options on flights longer than two hours, and complimentary DIRECTV programming is available on first-rate aircrafts.

Corporate First

The cabin space here delivers a lavish travel experience, featuring a 180-degree flat-bed seating, an enriched multi-course meal service, courtesy seat back with on demand entertainment and more.

Worldwide First

This cabin offers the ultimate inflight comfort, conveniences and personalized service. Relax in a private spacious area with a flat-bed seat and sleeping cushion, a customized five-course dining experience, seat back on demand entertainment and beyond.

It is very unfortunate that much of society will never be able to participate in even the lowest of the above classes. There is a cost to all of these services and as you can see, the classier, the more offers. There are not many repeats, but specialties in a particular package. The economics of the majority of people limits greatly the proposed pleasure involved in air travel. However, by way of the sea has its perks as well. If one can afford it, there is nothing withheld to simplify life’s woes and to bring fulfillment of long imagined dreamscapes. Whether in a small plane or on a tiny ship with a few passengers, the physical and emotional separation involved can be humiliating.

I have often wondered why the need of separation is as such; yet nothing’s new. This way of thinking has been around for centuries. It is known as the separation of the classes; the rich from the poor, the have from the have-nots. Trying to bridge the lines of separation has caused men and women alike to lose their lives seeking and reaching for what seemed attainable. Their efforts only leading them to discover that the more they sought and reached, the horizon broadened, the cost became greater and more energy was employed. The end result was that they lost themselves; it cost too much! The saddest part of all the classing that takes place from day to day is when the church becomes a participant. We can now enjoy the worship of the Lord in upgraded seating for a few more dollars with registration, private functions with the host, guest speaker or music artist and even some extra perks. Too many are often made to feel that if I can afford it, I am deserving of it. Or, if I can’t afford it, maybe I don’t deserve it. This seemingly innocent, no harm avenue, is spreading and the attitude is, “Catch up, or you will be left behind.”

The thought of Interest: Are there any considerations given to the ones that may be in need of what is being offered and yet face various challenges. For instance, a flight could be to the bedside of a loved one at the end of life or a funeral or any devastation at hand. The ticket could have been paid for by a kind-hearted relative, friend or even a charity. In such a case, comfort is the priority, but it usually comes at a higher cost. Let me bring some real issues into view; an unemployment notice was just handed down, car troubles, bills piled high, possibility of an unwanted divorce, or a child out of control; in seeking a place of refuge, a spirit filled service is desperately needed. That needed worship service (life-line), is a fleeting thought because you can't afford the First Class seating. I guess we are beyond the days of, “First come, first served.” Seemingly the best seats are reserved for the ones who can afford to pay but are absent of the desparation.

Classifications have its plusses, it can motivate and generate hope. Yet, classifications also have its minuses, it can finish killing off a dying soul. We are all on “One Journey” but there are many separate directives. Christians must be mindful of following the world’s system of classification. According to Luke 6:31, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” A very simple but powerful passage of scripture referencing the essentials of regarding one another. In like manner, Romans 12:2, ”And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” There is a way that seems right… I believe the route has been misinterpreted and needs to be redefined. Many are losing their way getting lost in another ploy of the enemy - the classifying syndrome.

Syndrome – a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and characterize a particular abnormality or condition.

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