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A Worthy Reminder

A Worthy Reminder

September 2012, I sat in the upper level of Living Word Christian Center in Forest Park, Illinois, awaiting the evening service to begin. A young lady sat next to me, very attentive and in great anticipation of what would happen during the service. We quietly introduced ourselves and spoke of why we traveled to be here and what we had already experienced. After a few questions among ourselves, she shared.

I will address her as Beauty. She is a gorgeous young lady and could have well been a model (from her looks).

Her Story: She told me that she resides in a beautiful southern state and was retired from a prestigious government job. She is the mother of 3 children, who graduated at the top of their classes.

She continued to say that she divorced her husband after he demanded that she have an abortion at 4 months into her pregnancy. She said that she went to work every day from 9 am to 5 pm, but refused any promotions in order to remain a student of the Word of God. Promotions called for more of her time and she was not going to hold back on God for money. She made a conscious decision to stay focused, serve diligently in ministry, and pay attention to the needs of her family (spiritually, physically and emotionally). In staying in tune with her purpose, she was determined to remain in close relationship with her children during this trying and disappointing time of the divorce. She said she needed God in this and could not afford any distractions.

Beauty said that she was not lifting up on her godly beliefs or allowing what she was confronting to let up the reins on the children. Although the household was in a physical and emotional uproar, the children were still maintaining dedicated lives of sanctity. “In order for me to save my life, I had to go through the divorce.” She said that she saw her husband’s lifestyle and she knew his preferences would eventually destroy her if she settled. She was not going to allow the love of her life to kill her. “My grandmother gave birth to a number of children and none of them are dead. But, my oldest sister is dead from AIDS that she acquired from her husband. The last words that I heard my sister say, “Beauty, take care of yourself or you will follow me.” My sister died." Beauty’s husband was once a part of the church. She is passionate about not allowing anything or anybody to come first place before God. She concluded that she is proud of what she has imparted to her children both spiritually and naturally. She stressed to them the need for a balanced life and it seems that it is paying off in a big way. Beauty looked at me and concluded: “All their accolades are good, but I keep before them, only what you do for Christ will be counted in the end.”

A final thought: Where good words have no good works, there is no good worth. And, you cannot impact what you do not love. Think your choices through because they are being tallied for a final sum.

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